The FCC is soliciting public comment on three proposals regarding wireless radiation and human health.  Each proposal is consequential to human and ecological health. So, please see all the links below from 5GCrisis   for guidance in understanding these proposals and for detailed guidance in how to take action.  The FCC comment period closes on May 15th .
This a brief overview :
Proposal #1 : FCC wants to extend the same Safety Rules adopted in 1996 that are based only on the thermal effects of radiation to cover the ultra high frequency bands used in 5G.
Proposal #2 : FCC wants to allow device manufacturer’s to average the radiation outputs of their devices over a time period.
Proposal #3 : FCC is creating guidelines for manufacture of remote chargers. This means that phones will be able to be charged from afar as they are carried around.
From 5G Crisis:

After many iterations and guidance from good friends and public health experts, we are happy to announce that our web pages for helping you draft and submit  your own comments in response to the FCC are finally ready!

Each of the three web pages ( Issue #1Issue #2, and  Issue #3) will provide you with basic background information on specific proposed rule changes raised in the docket and sample language you can use to challenge those changes.

Please remember to save copies of your comments to send to your representatives in Washington. You may also want to re-purpose your comments and send them to your local news outlets to be published as a “Letter to the Editor” or opinion piece.