Washington for Safe Technology is a citizens group committed to protecting the health and well being of our fellow humans and our shared environment. The purpose of this website is to address the growing concerns with wireless technologies and the harmful radiation they produce. 

Over the last two decades, wireless technology has come under increased scrutiny among independent scientists and health professionals. It has not been adequately tested for human safety by the telecom industry nor by our government agencies. Yet, thousands of independent, peer reviewed studies, show strong links between electromagnetic radiation and biological harm. These studies suggest caution, even alarm, is well merited. 

This concern is multiplied by the current push for 5G and the Internet of Things which promotes the vision of a “4th Industrial Revolution”.  This vision sees all things becoming “Smart” through wireless connectivity and control via the internet. Devices such as phones, cars, appliances, even buildings and municipalities, will be connected and operated through a massive grid of electromagnetic frequencies. This will result in huge increases in radiation, particularly from pulsed millimeter waves, all across the planet.

We, along with many others world wide, are calling for an immediate moratorium on 4G/5G small cell transmitters and satellites until this technology can be proven safe by unbiased, peer reviewed research. 

On this site, you will find a thorough and well-documented look at the many concerns with this technology. You will also find excellent resources and positive actions you can take today. 

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* 5G Crisis
* Americans For Responsible Technology
* Physicians for Safe Technology

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