1.  5G IS NOT A SIMPLE UPGRADE. 5G stands for “Fifth Generation”. It is the next step in the development of wireless technology and it is not a simple upgrade. It proposes to create an “Ecosystem of Technology” by establishing an estimated 800,000+ new small cell base stations and 20,000+ 5G beaming satellites. An immense grid of new electromagnetic frequencies will be communicating between base stations, satellites and many millions of micro-chipped devices. 

2.  5G RADIATION IS DIFFERENT AND ADDS TO THAT OF 4G. The nature of 5G radiation is different than previous generations. It utilizes pulsing millimeter waves *in addition* to the existing 4G microwave technology. All radiation is of growing concern to scientists and medical professionals, but 5G will dramatically increase our exposure. 5G signals do not travel as far as 3G or 4G so many new small cell antennas will have to be installed in close proximity to homes, schools, and workplaces. 

3. CUMULATIVE DAILY RADIATION EXPOSURE POSES SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH RISKS. Published, peer reviewed studies indicate that exposures to wireless radiation can increase risk of cancer, DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, neuropsychiatric effects, and higher blood sugar levels contributing to diabetes. The U.S. government’s human exposure guidelines for wireless radiation (4G and earlier) have not been updated since 1996. At that time, they were designed to protect humans only from short term heating (thermal) effects. 

4. THERE HAVE BEEN NO SAFETY STUDIES DONE FOR 5G. Amazingly, there have been zero studies done showing that 5G radiation is safe for people. The industry has admitted as much. Their position is that so long as there is no damage from tissue heating (thermal effects), there is nothing else to consider. Adverse non-thermal effects from radiation have been documented in thousands of studies. 

5. 5G POSES SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. All living things are affected by radiation and the greater exposure, the greater the risk. This includes microbes, insects, plants, and animals. Studies have been done which show significant harmful effects on wildlife and the environment.  Watch Senator Blumenthal and Blake Levitt’s excellent overview of 5G and health concerns.

6. THE FCC IS WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE TELECOM COMPANIES.  The 5G Roll out is being pushed hard and fast and with little public discussion. The FCC, working on behalf of the telecom companies, is currently ignoring public concerns over health and environmental safety. FCC rules have taken away locally elected government’s ability to regulate or prohibit 5G installations in sensitive locations or on the basis of health or environmental concerns.

7. 5G MEANS MASSIVE ANTENNA DEPLOYMENT. “Small Cell Antenna” does not mean small, unobtrusive equipment. It means that every cell provider will hang its own antennae enclosure (up to 6 cubic feet each) on the pole, with other associated equipment (up to 28 cubic feet) located nearby. It is expected that this will lower property values for buildings in close proximity. 

8. 5G WIRELESS IS NOT NECESSARY FOR OUR FUTURE. The primary purpose of 5G is not for better phone service.  It’s to allow telecom companies to compete directly with cable companies to stream video and increase the capacity of “smart devices” and machine-to-machine communications – the “Internet of Things” (IOT). There is no truth to the claim that 5G is necessary for public safety. Better solutions are available such as fiber optic cable and others in development.

9. Wireless transmission is not only less reliable but also much less efficient at moving data than wired connections, especially fiber-optic connections. Overall power consumption numbers are staggering and 5G will add to this dramatically due do its 800,000+ new small cell antenna and other infrastructure. This kind of power consumption is dangerous for our environment, our economy, and our security.   We recommend a moratorium on the roll out of 4G/5G small cell antenna and satellites until this technology has been proven safe for humans and the environment.