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* 5G Broadband Wireless Threatens Weather Forecasting
* Historic Legal Action Against the FCC on Cell Phone and Wireless Effects
* Papua, New Guinea Halts 5G Health Trials Due to Health Concerns

* Court of Appeals Requires Environmental Review for Implementation of 5G
* List of Areas That Have Banned or Halted 5G
* Devonshire Halts Installation of 5G Over Serious Health Concerns
* Irregulators vs the FCC Interview: An excellent conversation on 5G and related issues
* Scientific American Warns 5G is Unsafe – Dr Jospeh Mercola weighs in on 5G
* 5G Small Cell Wireless Radiation Technology – So NOT Cool
* The 5G Network – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You 
* Swiss Citizens Take to the Streets to Protest 5G As New Illnesses Start at the Same Time 
* Swiss Protests Against 5G Tech: Health Dangers, J. Rappaport
* How Big Wireless Made Us Think Cell Phones Are Safe
* The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland
* The Miseducation of America on 5G: The NYT Gets it Spectacularly Wrong – an excellent article by Dr Devra Davis
* 5G Roll Out Facing 1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit
* Here’s How the Telecom Giants Spent More Than 1 Billion Lobbying Congress
* UN Staff Member Public Statement on 5G

* 4G, Fake 5G, and Real 5G – Know the Difference
* What Municipal Managers Should Know about 5G