June 2020 Message from a Concerned Parent: Whatcom Watch
4G/5G Wireless Health Effects Resolutions Petition
Jon Humphrey Addresses the COB Council on the Environmental Impact of Wireless, March 9th
Sign The Bellingham Letter of Support
Vicrory in Flower Hill, NY
Danica Thiessen Addresses the COB Council on the Dangers of 5G, February 10th
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* 5G Broadband Wireless Threatens Weather Forecasting
* Historic Legal Action Against the FCC on Cell Phone and Wireless Effects
* Papua, New Guinea Halts 5G Health Trials Due to Health Concerns

* Court of Appeals Requires Environmental Review for Implementation of 5G
* List of Areas That Have Banned or Halted 5G
* Devonshire Halts Installation of 5G Over Serious Health Concerns
* Irregulators vs the FCC Interview: An excellent conversation on 5G and related issues
* Scientific American Warns 5G is Unsafe – Dr Jospeh Mercola weighs in on 5G
* 5G Small Cell Wireless Radiation Technology – So NOT Cool
* The 5G Network – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You 
* Swiss Citizens Take to the Streets to Protest 5G As New Illnesses Start at the Same Time 
* Swiss Protests Against 5G Tech: Health Dangers, J. Rappaport
* How Big Wireless Made Us Think Cell Phones Are Safe
* The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland
* The Miseducation of America on 5G: The NYT Gets it Spectacularly Wrong – an excellent article by Dr Devra Davis
* 5G Roll Out Facing 1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit
* Here’s How the Telecom Giants Spent More Than 1 Billion Lobbying Congress
* UN Staff Member Public Statement on 5G

* 4G, Fake 5G, and Real 5G – Know the Difference
* What Municipal Managers Should Know about 5G