There are two parts to the conversation about 5G and health concerns. The first has to do with our existing high levels of microwave radiation from 4G and other wireless technologies. The second has to do with the new pulsed millimeter wave technology that is unique to 5G. Here are some key points to understand:

1. Cellular Radiation is Already Harmful.
Thousands of peer-reviewed studies have already been done showing conclusive links between microwaves and harmful biological effects.
Please visit for a thorough look at the research.

2. Untested 5G Radiation will Add to Current Levels.
Higher frequency 5G radiation will not replace but be ADDED TO our existing radiation exposure. However, by the industry’s own admission, there have been ZERO safety studies done which prove 5G millimeter radiation is safe for humans or the environment. Click HERE for the Senate discussion on the 5G safety issue. 
There is, in fact, ample reason to suspect that we will see many adverse health effects should 5G be implemented as planned.
See Dr. Martin Pall’s on-line book: 5G: Great Risk for EU, U.S. and International Health. Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them.  

3. Health Concerns are Numerous.
Cited health concerns include various cancers, effects on male fertility, effects on fetal and newborn development, neurological and cognitive effects (such as disruption of memory, sleep, and concentration), damage to DNA, heightened effects on young children, and more.
See Scientific Literature Section at

4. The FCC is Ignoring Public Concerns.
Unfortunately, the FCC, responsible for protecting the public health and safety in this arena, are acting on behalf of the wireless industry. Norm Alister of Harvard University has documented FCC corruption in great detail in his book Captured Agency  FCC industry-friendly rules have hindered but not eliminated what local governments can do in response to the 5G rollout.

5. Public Awareness is Growing.
Thousands of scientists, health professionals, and concerned citizens are pushing back against the wireless industry calling for a moratorium on 4G/5G wireless technologies until they can be proven safe for humans and nature. An excellent overview presentation by Cece Doucette can be found HERE. Add your voice HERE

6. Understanding Radiation.
Finally, if you are new to the topic of radiation, click HERE for a short description.

1. T-Mobile Study Proves Biological Harm From EMF
2. Peer Reviewed Scientific Research on Wireless Radiation (scroll down for studies arranged by health effects)
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4. Report: USAF – RF/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects (1994)
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